Learn about the ministries working here at Lakeview.

Enjoy Christian companionship, Learn about the Gospel and make lifelong firends.

A good Church is like a good family. Everyone knows your name and they’re always glad to see you.

Worship Services

You body needs food to function well, in the same way your soul needs nourishment from the Word of God to grow and stay healthy. Each week at 11:00 am our Pastor, Dr. Mike Butler provides the spiritual nourishment that will sustain you through these tough times.

Sunday School

Teach a child in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it when they are old. Sunday school is every Sunday at 10:00 am. Look forward to seeing you there.

Food Pantry

Thursdays at 10:30 we provide food to anyone who needs it, no strings attached. It’s our way to showing our neighbors that we are all in this together.

Bible Study

If you like a good conversation, and cheerful people to hang out with then this is for you. Every week on Wednesday at 10:30. Check it out for yourself.

Upside Down Ministries

Our music team and high spirited youth members travel the area hosting block parties and taking the Word of God out to our neighbors.

Church In the Park

We support Church In The Park to reach the underserved in the Norman area. Every Friday at Andrews Park at 6pm we help to provide a meal, clothing, and a hopeful message to those in need.

Senior Support

Many good Church family members are at home riding out the COVID-19 pandemic. We provide services to help them maintain their homes and acquire needed items.

Facebook Outreach

We stream our services live on Facebook each Sunday at 11:00am.

FM Radio

sssshh….it’s a secret. FM 95.5 with special permission from our friends.

IT Training

We have a wonderful IT staff that harnesses years of experience to produce our message for the internet. We happily train the next generation to learn these skills and actively participate in spreading the Word of God.